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Model: RC-8
Freshly marinated Chennai style chicken 65.Pack of 250gm ..
Ex Tax:₹160.00
Model: RC-7
Freshly marinated boneless chicken in succulent North Indian style mallai tikka .Nett weight-250 gm ..
Ex Tax:₹160.00
Model: RC-01
Golden Americano Chicken Nuggets made by Sethwala Foods Ltd.Pack of 250 gm of nuggets...
Ex Tax:₹130.00
Model: RC-9
Spicy panko coated boneless chicken popcorn perfect for evening snacks.Nett weight-250 gm..
Ex Tax:₹150.00
Model: RC 2
English Breakfast Chicken Sausage made by Sethwala Foods Ltd.Pack size of 250 Gm...
Ex Tax:₹135.00
Model: rc-5
Panko coated fish finger is a perfect evening snacks.Pack of 10 to 12 pcs ,contains 200 gm...
Ex Tax:₹180.00
Model: RC-10
Freshly marinated chicken wings in Chimichurri sauce.Pack of 250gm ..
Ex Tax:₹140.00
Model: r-02
Panko coated Kolkata style fish fry.Pack of 4 pcs fry in a box approx. weight 250 gm to 300 gm...
Ex Tax:₹320.00
Model: RC 03
Lucknowi Chicken Seek Kabab made by Sethwala Foods Ltd.Pack size of 250 gm...
Ex Tax:₹150.00
Model: RC-6
Juicy & succulent shrimp coated with panko .Nett contains 200 gm  ..
Ex Tax:₹240.00
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