Chingri Maacher Malai  Curry


Chingri Maacher Malai Curry (Prawn Malai curry)  is an authentic Bengali preparation with prawns or lobsters & coconut milk. The creamy gravy and the unique essence of the dish makes it unique. Some historian opinion the dish doesnot belong to Bengal.  The word Malai  comes from Malay or Malaysia.This dish most probably came  with the traders of Malay  and  was modified by Bengalese.



·        1 large Coconut

·        2 cups hot water

·        500 gms  medium sized tiger prawns ( bagda chingri)

·        Turmeric powder

·        Red chilli powder

·        1 tbs ghee

·        2 green cardamoms

·        4 cloves

·        Cinnamon

·        2 bay leaves

·        4 green chillies

·        1 Onion paste  (big size onion

·        ½ teaspoon garlic paste

·        2 tbs  ginger paste

·        Mustard oil

·         Salt as per taste

·        Sugar as per taste



Grate the coconut and concentrate the cream by pressing the substance through a piece of fine cloth. The leftover coconut added with hot water & squeezing the milk. Keep the cream & milk separately.

Wash and clean lobsters carefully, de-vein but keep the head attached.

Coat the tiger prawn slightly with turmeric & salt.

Sauté for 2 minutes in hot mustard oil in a pan or Kadai. Remove from pan & keep aside. In the same oil , fry cardamoms, Cinnamon, cloves & bay leaves. When the fragrance of the spices come out add ginger, garlic & onion paste. Add turmeric powder, salt.  Mix well. Add coconut milk & let it simmer for 5 minutes. Add lobsters & green chilies & keep on simmer for 10 minutes. Stir lightly & add coconut cream. Flip prawns carefully & turn off the flame. Add ghee & serve  hot your delicious Chingri  malai curry with yellow Polao or steam rice.